On May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be applied in the EU / EEA. In short, the new legislation means that we who process personal data for others must help those responsible for personal data to comply with the regulatory framework.
Personal data is all information that can be used directly or indirectly to identify a unique individual. For more information about the new data protection regulation, please see the information provided at:
To support Winjet users comply with the new regulation, we have equipped the system with features to automatically delete files that you load into the system. Files affected by this functionality are all files that you create with the application under its own directories and notification directory. That is, if you moved or renamed a file, it will not be automatically deleted. If you added your customers' input files under the Winjet input directory, then these will also be included. The files will be deleted based on the date you read the customer's address file. The following folders under Winjet's customer structure will be deleted:


As well as the notifications directory provided in the system settings. Note that, for example, folders such as COMMUNICATION or INFORMATION are not included.
Be aware if you have files that should not be removed in Winjet's customer tree.

You need to move these before you run the feature for the first time. How long you save customer files is something that you need to decide for your organization. You can set how long the system will save files in the system settings and this is specified in the number of days you wish to keep the files. If you set the value to 0, the function will be completely deactivated and you will then need to delete the files manually to comply with the regulation. The preset value will be 90 days, which is based on the assumption that it is enough time to load and manage the assignment as well as any possible complaint. The delete function will automatically start on the client who executes the program for the first time. That is, it will never happen that two clients clean at the same time if you use shared customer folders.